Timeless Truth Mask –  No.1 Facial Sheet Mask and Skincare Specialist

TT Mask SA, an official distributor of the world Number One facial sheet mask brand – Timeless Truth.

We strive to bring you the best skincare products to bring your age back in Time. Since its establishment in 1998, Timeless Truth has been an active player in the worldwide trade of skincare products. Within the last few years Timeless Truth successfully entered a number of markets internationally, including: France, Middle East, UK, America, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Czech Slovakia, Colombia, Morocco and now in South Africa.  Our various skin care products including facial, eye, neck, hand, foot and breast masks, daily care products, serums and capsules. Especially the invention of the very first functionality facial sheet masks in the world. We are committed to pursue quality improvements and new product development.

Timeless Truth uses cutting edge biotechnology to create various skincare products including facial, eye, neck, hand, foot and breast masks, serums and capsules. We are proud to announce that Timeless Truth is the very first to produce a fully functional facial sheet mask in the world. We are committed to quality improvements and new product development where possible.

Vision of TT

Sharing Love & Beauty

2015 is the year that Timeless Truth officially launch in South Africa, it is also the year Timeless Truth Taiwan start “share Love & Beauty” project!!

Sharing, what is it? We won’t define it as charity or giving?
Sharing is rather an emotional connection of one another.

Thanks to Timeless Truth Taiwan for sharing love & water in Africa
Thanks to all the consumers who support Timeless Truth as well as all the people who are helping this country to get better

Because of your love and sharing, this country becomes more beautiful!!

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